About Susan Rever

I believe:

“Being green is more than just buying ‘eco.’ It is an unshakeable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.” Jennifer Nini


That you have the power to overcome any obstacle.

That you can be anything you want to be.

That it is in you to make a difference.

That your best life is to find out what your calling is.

That success is achieved by ordinary people with an unwavering belief that they can accomplish anything.

That the greatest gift you can give yourself is a healthy you.

That through learning and applying what you have learned you can solve any problem.

The Organictarian
The Organictarian
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The Organictarian

A little more about me ♥

I grew up in a typical family with an older brother. I have great memories of my childhood laughing and playing.

My mom grew up in a small town (and I mean small) so when we would go visit grandma and grandpa we learned to entertain outselves. I remember my brother and me catching frogs in the nearby wetland.


I was always curious about nature and loved to be outside. I even had my own chemistry set/microscope as a kid. Our entire family loves to garden and plant flowers. My aunt is a biologist. My dad is an engineer. No wonder I went into science!!!!


When I was in my 20s, I actually could not decide what I wanted to do with my life. I started out in horticultural science where my first ‘real environmental job’ was working at a zoo. How cool is that!!!

I have always loved animals so tried volunteering at a vet clinic. Sadly I cried every time I came home so I figured that becoming a vet was not my calling in life.


So I decided to go back to school and major in biology. My plan was to get my degree and then get a job.

One degree led to another this time majoring in physical geography. Then came grad school. I was becoming a professional student!!!!


I realized after being in school for over 10 years it was time to use what I had learned and make some real money. And that is exactly what I did.

I have worked for both the provincial and federal governments in the environmental sector. Then I started to teach in academia.

I have taught a variety of subjects ranging from environmental physics, soil science, agriculture, environmental science, botany, ecology, renewable resource management, and biology.


My love for the environment ♥

I love being an environmentalist/biologist. It is a very rewarding career. I love giving back and making a difference. I have had some pretty cool jobs.


I worked as a horticulturist for a zoo. My graduate thesis looked at the impacts of drought on species-at-risk and their habitat in the Northern mixed grass prairies.


I worked as a biologist/ecologist with the government discussing wildlife habitat management and conservation with landowners; ecological project concerning Piping Plovers; doing site assessments; and working with private land managers to improve habitat condition.


I have conducted field surveys in wildlife, plant taxonomy, wetland classification and assessment, and soils.

I was also lucky enough to be involved in the reintroduction of the Black-footed Ferret (once extirpated from Canada).


My love for the environment has spilled over into my teaching career. I created a case study project for my students in soil science to give them practical experience in proposing a soil management report (short and long-term).

My students in environmental physics learned about solar and wind power & energy; the soil-plant-atmosphere system; and Beer’s Lambert Law and the greenhouse effect.

The Organictarian
spot lighting black footed ferrets
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The Organictarian
The Organictarian
The Organictarian

My passion for health

I was a pretty healthy child except I always seemed to develop rashes of some kind. I remember developing boils on my legs when I was in grade 10.

I had to call my mom from the principal’s office for her to come and pick me up as they burst when I was in the middle of class. When I was in grade 11, I developed the German measles.


I have no idea how as I do not recall anyone else from my high school getting the measles. I never really had any major health issues during my 20s besides suffering from allergies.

It was not until I hit my 30s when my hormonal imbalances started to wreak havoc on my health. You have to love medical doctors – their solution – fake hormones!!!!


Yep, they put me on birth control. Of course I did not know any better at the time, so I went on ‘the pill.’ Did it help – sort of – except I developed all of the side effects.

Yes, even dark patches on my face which I tried to cover up with make-up. What did my dermatologist prescribe – whitening cream!!!


She also told me to stay out of the sun. Really, you do know what I do for a living? Right?

At the time, I was working for the government and getting paid to do plant surveys. So I found the highest SPF face/body sunscreen I could find and purchased a large brimmed hat.


I figured my health could not get any worse. I mean I ate fairly healthy and exercised.

However, in 2010 I developed 3 health issues all in the same year – hyperthyroidism, Grave’s Disease and stage 4 endometriosis.


At the time, after 2 pelvic ultrasounds and 1 MRI, my doctors could not tell me if I had cancer or not, so an emergency laparoscopic surgery was scheduled for January 2011.

I remember being in the recovery room after my surgery when my doctor told me I did not have cancer. What a relief!!!!


Afterwards, I realised I had to listen to what my body was trying to tell me. My medical doctors had no solutions for me for reversing or improving my conditions, just how to live with them.


This is where my passion for health began and how I discovered certain ingredients in my personal care products and certain ‘health’ foods I was eating actually mimicked hormones and disrupted my endocrine system.


I threw out all of my personal care products I was using at the time and replaced them with healthier alternatives. I changed what I was eating.

Right here, right now

I am happy to report that it has been over 2 years since I reversed my thyroid condition and my endometriosis has never come back.

I have come a long way since 2010.


I am still teaching, but I am teaching more classes online through distance learning. I also went into business for myself.


Besides being a biologist (MSc), botanist/herbalist and nutritionist, I own an online business in the health & wellness industry. I became a blogger!!! I hope to help as many people as I can live a happier and healthier life sharing what I have learned and continue to learn.

In the future, I plan to write my own gluten-free cookbook, eBooks, video/training courses, seminars/workshops, and a book documenting my health journey. This blog is my starting point.


I created a second blog which is going to be a little different from this one. Check it out at ahealthfullifestyle.com.

The Organictarian

What you didn’t know ♥

  • I love cats!!!! I have a cat teapot, cat mugs, cat cookie jar, cat pajamas, cat jewelry, cat figurines, cat blankets, cat pictures, and cat socks. And two beautiful fur-babies – Mya and Midnight.
  • I am a nerd at heart. Oh wait, you already knew that 😉
  • I have an addiction to dark chocolate.
  • I hate spiders. Yes, I scream like a girl!!!!!!
  • I am a movie fanatic.
  • I hate getting my picture taken.
  • I love to bake. I am actually pretty good at it. You should try my cookies and cakes!!!!
  • I am a night owl.
  • I have always wanted a horse. When I was young, my parents bought me a rocking horse. Does that count?
  • I love to travel. There are still so many places that I want to visit such as Australia, Africa, Scotland and Ireland.
  • I love Halloween. I plan to dress up on Halloween and hand out candy until I can no longer dress myself.
  • I love red hair. I have been coloring my hair red for many years.
  • I am a strong advocate for animal rights.
  • I have a secret crush on Johnny Depp!!!